January 1 2020 blue moon astrology

Posted on Jan 2, Post and images from NJ.

Blue moon january 1 2020 astrology

So, the ideal time to see it is on the night of Jan. The moon had an orange-red glow in the sky over New Jersey on the day of a lunar eclipse in December Star-Ledger file photo. What is a supermoon? How often do supermoons occur?

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Here He Comes, The Leo Lunar Eclipse on January 31, 2018

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Find Us on Facebook. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The trendy definition of "blue Moon" as the second full Moon in a month is a mistake.

When Is the Next Blue Moon?

What is a Blue Moon? Nowadays, a 'blue moon' is the name given to the second full moon appearing in a single month. This phenomenon occurs roughly every two and a half years when a calendar year includes 13 full moons.

Full moon january 17 2020 horoscope

As this does not occur monthly like a full moon, the expression 'once in a blue moon' is used to refer to an event that occurs infrequently. What are the dates of a Calendrical Blue Moon? It also happened to be a partial eclipse.

This divided the solar year into four seasons based on the Solstices and Equinoxes.