Sagittarius babies horoscope

So many in the world today are divided on issues of politics, religion, sports and morals. Those who are able to look beyond their own opinions and consider the ideas of others are rare. They are the ones who keep the peace, uniting people instead of dividing them. Sagittarians are known for their ability to empathize with those around them. A little one born under this zodiac sign is said to be a dreamer, a philosopher and one who never stops learning.

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He isn't afraid to consider ideas that are different from what he has always believed. He won't shy away from changing course in life if he feels he's found a better way. If you follow Taylor Swift on Instagram, you're aware that she's the belle of the ball, always surrounded by friends and laughing her way through life.

The Sagittarius Child: Sagittarius Girl & Boy Traits & Personality | Zodiac Signs for Kids

Maybe it's because she was born on December 13th. She's naturally warm and authentic, making her fun to be around and a magnet of positivity others can't help but be drawn to. Swift's music is amazing, but her personality has also done wonders for her stellar and unprecedented career. She's one of those people it's nearly impossible not to like. Sure, she's said herself that "haters gonna hate," but the vast majority of people around the world can't think of a bad thing to say about Taylor To quote another Sagittarius, Miley Cyrus, "Everybody has bad days, everybody makes mistakes.

Your Sagittarius baby will light up a room from the moment she enters the world. She's the one cooing at everyone and being doted on by random strangers at the grocery story. Because she draws them in with her radiating congeniality. As she grows up, expect her to have lots of friends, lots of laughs and a whole ton of fun. Sagittarians are known for their generosity. A Sagittarius may give you the shirt off of his back and never think twice about it. A little one born under this zodiac sign will give from the get-go with goofy grins and amazing snuggles.

He's the type of tyke who wants to feed Mommy and Daddy the food off of his plate and share his toy cars with random kids at the park. Because he loves sharing joy with those around him, your little Sagittarius will most likely be an animal lover. He thrives when sharing his love with the world and will be a natural at bonding with whatever pet he is blessed with, whether it be a dog, cat, tarantula or parakeet.

Sagittarians have big hearts with room enough for everyone they encounter. Your baby may start out squeezing your finger to let you know he's grateful for all you do. He's also the type that will leave little notes of thanks on your bed just because.

Sagittarius Child

Fun fact: there are more Olympic athletes that are Sagittarians than any other zodiac sign. This may because people born when the days are short, the nights are long, the world is white and the lights are glittering are positive to the max. Your little one born during this time of year won't be afraid to try everything and anything. She'll believe in herself and strive for her ideals, which will go a long way towards her quest for greatness. Don't be surprised if your little late November or December baby has no restrictions.

She's the one that must be watched at all times because she may believe she can fly like a bird when jumping off of the kitchen counter or the highest point of the playground. She's fearless and uninhibited in pursuing her dreams. Walt Disney was born on December 5th, and he's idealism personified. He made a theme park dedicated to helping people live out their wildest dreams and fantasies.

He accomplished so much because he wasn't afraid to dream big, and your tot is likely to be the same. Watch out, world! Yes, this trait is exhausting for parents of Sagittarians, but it will serve your little munchkin born during the holidays well throughout his life. He's the baby kicking his legs in the bath, waking often at night just to have a look around and running just a few days after mastering his first steps.

Sagittarians are often great at sports. This may be due to their zest for life and the vigor and vim with which they go after any and every challenge placed in their path. Nicki Minaj is a Sagittarius with energy to spare. Have you heard that girl drop a sick beat? It makes those of us born in the time of slowly falling autumn leaves, spring picnics in the park or lazy summer days by the pool wish for a nap by the time she gets to the second verse.

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Your baby will be the one busting a move to the bass while Mom and Dad attempt to keep up. The key word in the previous phrase being attempt. Along with her likelihood to win Miss Congeniality, your little Sagittarius is a social butterfly who will spread her wings the second she is out of the womb. She loves to be around other people, and you may find she's the life of the party right from the start. She's the baby who can't resist bopping to the beat of a good song. She may giggle for no apparent reason at anything and everything and lean into the arms of strangers while other babies cry when Mom and Dad are out of sight.

Learn your little one's Sagittarius characteristics

Don't take this personally; she loves you the most, but she's got places to go and people to see! As previously mentioned, Miley Cyrus is a Sagittarius. Don't know what we're referring to? YouTube it. She's not shy, and, chances are, neither is your baby. You've been warned. The glass is always half-full for those born during the most wonderful time of the year. Maybe the good cheer surrounding them when they enter the world helps them see everything in a positive light forever more, or maybe Sagittarius babies are just happy they arrived in time for Santa to come, and feel they owe it to the world to always see the good.

Your little Sagittarian may rarely cry and smile often, play for hours with a cardboard box and get extremely excited about little things like reading his favorite book or watching his favorite cartoon.

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As he grows up, he'll be the one giving the family a pep talk after Dad loses his job, or thanking Mom for the delicious dinner she burned to a blackened charcoal. He's basically a little ball of perpetual sunshine. Yep, it's starting to become quite clear that Sagittarius babies are little dreams. You lucky parents, you. Babes entering the world to the sound of jingle bells are the epitome of fun. Playing is their middle name. Your little one may be going strong from sun up to sun down, meaning he may avoid sleep like the dickens just to get one more minute of fun in.

Sagittarius Child

He's the type to tease you by doing something he knows he isn't supposed to, then looking over with a sly grin and giggling. He's a barrel of monkeys and then some. Don't be surprised if he's launching his peas catapult-style across the dinner table instead of eating them. As he gets older, he's likely to be the class clown, but he's so likable, it's possible most teachers won't mind. He'll joke around with everyone and it's probable he'll be quite the flirt. He'll bring joy and laughter to every second of every day.

His playful nature may be a bit exasperating at times, it's likely he'll be able to make you bust up laughing in the middle of lecture with his silly antics. Britney Spears entered the world on December 2nd. Ever watched her dance or sing? One of the reasons she's had such a successful career, despite some setbacks, is her passion for what she does.

She puts her whole heart and soul into every lyric, every note and every movement she puts out there. Her persona is passion and it spreads like a wildfire to everyone around her. Your babe is likely just the same. She'll love you hard, she'll feel things deeply. Her hearty laugh will be just as soulful as her distressed wail. She may get attached to people and places and be the type to have a hard time parting with a favorite toy she's discovered when it's time to leave a play date.

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The good news is, her passion for life and her propensity for becoming engrossed in whatever emotion she's currently feeling will take her places in life. She's fearless and unrelenting when she knows what she wants: a trait that will fill her world with great opportunities, many of which she creates all on her own with her burning drive and unrelenting desire.

It has been established that Sagittarians feel things deeply. These intense emotions are often written all over their beautiful faces. Brad Pitt is a notable Sagittarius born on December 18th. Ever seen him in a movie? His expressions say it all. Those piercing blue eyes and full lips tell stories in a way that evoke emotions and bring on loads of laughter. Your little one born in time to be home for Christmas will be easy to read, mostly because Sagittarians are known for being so open and honest, it's impossible for them to hide their emotions.

They are also known for being brutally honest and blunt, meaning, your little one just might tell you if those pants you are wearing make you look fat, whether you ask or not. The good news is, because Sagittarians are eternal optimists, most of the time your little darling will think you look absolutely stunning, no matter what you are wearing. She may also be your moral compass, calling you out for trash talking your neighbor's scandalous affair. Yep, she'll express herself. You'll likely never have to wonder what she's thinking, for better or for worse.

November and December babies have senses of humor to die for.