Horoscop gemini 13 marchie

The problems at the beginning of the year will be fixed readily as long as you calm down, adjust your mentality and get things in order. When it comes to wealth horoscope, March and August will be the boundary. Before March i. In addition to daily consumption, you will spend for travel, children's education and love which will be quite stressful for you low-income Aquarius people.

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From March to August, you will get many earning chances and good luck for windfall. In the second half year, your wealth horoscope will fluctuate greatly, especially after August and you will spend more. With many unexpected expenses, you will easily exceed the budget. Despite the basically stable health state, you need to beware of disease recurrence and keep regular hours even if you are in sound health.

Thus, this parameter is around Lagna and 7H, attesting to the applicable. Lagna, in the mid of April, leading to the Jupiter, transiting in Taurus fails to connect fulfilment of this parameter. This parameter is not Observations met. Jupiter is transiting is transiting in Sagittarius. Double transit approves the Saturn. These 11 H where it is in mutual aspect with both- SL two were in mutual aspect in the third week Saturn and t t L Moon. In 09 Venus, posited in Cancer, is aspected by 7L Mercury.

In 09 Rahu is posited in Lagna. But the' marriage of this native was fixed four years ago when transiting jupiter aspected VS.

Gemini Love and Sex

Thus, this parameter may be taken as fulfilled. Thus the parameter is satisfied. Thus, this parameter is not met. A couple of days ago it was aspecting transiting 7L Mars from Leo. This parameter remains unfulfilled. Venus is the LL and also karak for marriage. Chara Dasha at the time of marriage was Sagittarius faurus. Taurus is 7'h from Dara Karak Mars. Vivah Saham is in Leo. Jupiter is in Capricorn and some time back it was in Sagittarius and it had aspected Vivah Saham. Saturn is transiting 7'h house and thereby activating both the Lagna and 7H. Jupiter in in the 9H and is aspecting Lagna.

It is noted that Sun and three other planets are transiting near 7H. In this chart neither LL is near 7H nor is 7L near Lagna and therefore this parameter is not satisfied. Navamsha spouse Birth Chart Saturn is posited in Lagna in Thus this parameter Is met. Chara Anter Dasha is Scorpio. The parameter is not met. Till znd February, Jupiter was transiting in Aquarius. Taking Saturn's retrogression into. Thus the parameter Is met.

Till 1O'h June, , i. However, the parameter is not met.

Jupiter transiting in Aries is in mutual aspect Guide Shri K. The transiting Moon is being aspected by natal LL Mars. However, because of its retrogression, Saturn is effective from Libra and thus influences DK Venus which is posited P8 there. LL Venus is in 7'h H. Rahu is being aspected by 11 L jupiter. P3 jupiter transiting in Leo aspects VS in Aries, thus leading to fulfilment of this parameter. Further, this transiting Saturn receives the ninth aspect of natal 7L Jupiter posited in Taurus. Thus, double transit clears the Guide Shri K.

Till the previous day LL Mercury was retrograding in Sagittarius, the natal 7H and it will transit in 7H from 7'h january, thus meeting the parameter. AD Taurus was running in Chara Dasha. Taurus has DKN placed in it. Saturn is aspecting lagna, and Jupiter is aspecting LL Mars.


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Piya Milan has taken place a month ago. P7 This parameter is not fulfilled. P8 This parameter is also not valid for this case. Observations Role of transiting Moon - Moon is in 7'" H on the day of marriage. Sun is the LL ofD9. Jupiter is transiting in Sagittarius - the sign in which VS falls, thus leading to the satisfaction of this parameter. Saturn is transiting in Leo from where it is in mutual aspect with natal LL Mercury. Jupiter was transiting in Scorpio till 21" November and from there it was aspecting the 7H.


So, the parameter is met. Jupiter transiting In Sagittarius does not get connected to natal Venus is retrograde and is p osited in Cap ricorn. Observations Role of transiting Moon - Moon is transiting in Taurus where it receives the fifth aspect of natal 7L Jupiter.

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In D9 jupiter is casting its ninth aspect on LL Saturn. VS falling in Aquarius receives the aspect of jupiter transiting in Leo. Saturn is transiting in Virgo, the natal 7H, and aspects Lagna. Retrogression of transiting jupiter means it is effective from Cancer and gets connected to natal LL jupiter and natal 7L Mercury. LL jupiter in transit is retrograding in Leo and is effective from Cancer from where it is in mutual aspect with 7L Mercury transiting in Capricorn. The parameter is Guide Shri K. POL Mars is the 7L of Jupiter transiting in Leo is the natal 7L and it is aspecting the 7H.

Thus double transit gives the green signal to marriage.

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Jupiter is transiting in Leo where natal Mars Aspect of transiting Saturn on DK is posited, leading to the fulfilment of this Saturn is transiting in Capricorn and it does not parameter. Astrology and Timing of Marriage a Scienti lc Approach.. At present the Role of transiting Moon - Moon is about parameter is not met. In D9 also Ketu, posited in Pisces, receives the third aspect ofll Saturn.

In D9 Saturn is posited in lagna and aspects 7H. Chara Dasha AD is Taurus. P3 jupiter transiting in leo does not get connected to VS in libra, leaving this parameter unsatisfied. P4 Saturn is transiting in Capricorn, the natal 7H, from where it aspects the lagna. However, l l Moon was transiting in 7H on 14'h November, thus leading to the satisfaction of this parameter. Observations Role of transiting Moon - l l Moon is transiting in lagna and it activates the lagna, the 7H and transiting 7l Saturn. Thus, there is no jaimini aspect between the two. Ketu's dispositer jupiter aspects 11th lord.

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Venus is a natural marriage giver. VS in Sagittarius receives the ninth aspect of Jupiter transiting in Aries, thus leading to the fulfilment of this parameter. Saturn is transiting in Scorpio. Considering its retrogression, it aspects natal LL Mercury posited in Sagittarius. Jupiter is the natal 7L. It is transiting in Aries from where it aspects natal LL Mercury. Thus, double transit is giving its dearance to the marriage. It is in the RKAxis. Jupiter is transiting in Aries and falls to connect to natal Mars posited in Capricorn.

LL Mercury was transiting in Pisces - the natal 7H - till 25'h April, leading to the satisfaction of this parameter. Further, Virgo receives the aspect of UP Gemini.